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Queen West Animal Hospital

Cat Being Examined by Veterinarians

Our Team

Our Goal To Keep Learning

Veterinary medicine changes all the time. All employees at Queen West Animal Hospital are designated a continuing education allowance annually which they use to attend both local and distant veterinary conferences, presentations, and meetings. Additionally, we routinely organize educational presentations during our bimonthly staff meetings. Staff members are also asked to present summaries to the entire staff following continuing education experiences. We love learning. Hopefully, it shows.

Brown Dog Cuddling Orange Cat

How We Care For Our Staff

Though we’re probably a bit biased, Queen West Animal Hospital is a great place to work. Many of our staff report it’s the best job they’ve ever had. We love coming to work every day and most socialize outside of work on a regular basis. Working at a veterinary hospital can, at times, be stressful, sad, and humbling. As a result, we do our best to create a supportive and empowering workplace that encourages staff to be individuals, make their own decisions, and utilize the full extent of their training.

Additionally, we recognize working at Queen West Animal Hospital is not the only part of our lives that matters. As such, we actively encourage and support staff to strive towards a good work/life balance and pursue dreams in other fields if they so choose. Though we’d love to work together forever, we would never hold anyone back in their efforts to be who they want to be.

Our Veterinarians

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Our Veterinary Assistants

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