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Queen West Animal Hospital

Woman in Patagonia jacket holding a cat

Rescue Work

Queen West Animal Hospital chooses to pay it forward by providing veterinary care at or below our cost to numerous dog and cat rescues across the city. It is a source of tremendous pride for all our staff to look after pets whom might otherwise remain neglected. Additionally, we regularly help feline rescues by finding homes for stray kittens through our adoption program.

Grey, brown and black puppies in a pile

Queen West periodically works with other local feline rescues to adopt stray kittens. We have a kitten adoption play area in one of our exam rooms where the kittens frolic hoping to attract the attention of our clients in the reception area. For current information, please visit our FACEBOOK page.

Additionally, we are proud to provide veterinary care to local animal rescue organizations and view our role as a way to support and give back to our community.  We are typically involved in caring for new rescues, providing initial examinations and vaccinations, and performing spay and neuters.