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Queen West Animal Hospital

Cat looking out the window

Our Facility

Our Aesthetics

Since opening our doors in 2000, Queen West Animal Hospital has been dedicated to the aesthetic of the amazing Queen West neighbourhood. Our newest location showcases that dedication better than ever before. With initial inspiration from Dr. Cherri Trusheim’s amazing hospital in Seattle, Urban Animal (HTTP://URBANANIMALNW.COM), we were put together with our incredible designer, Sarah Littlefield, also from Seattle (HTTP://SEATTLEJUNKLOVE.BLOGSPOT.CA). Sarah’s vision of a Canadian-themed cabin in the woods gave rise to what we humbly consider to be one of the most beautiful small animal hospitals anywhere. Highlights of the new facility include our Malm fireplace, vast collection of vintage dog and cat chalk ware, custom Canadiana wallpaper in each exam room, large lobby mural and our massive street art mural by Electric Coffin (HTTP://ELECTRICCOFFIN.COM). Looks matter, especially on Queen West, and we wanted to create not only a beautiful clinic but one that welcomes every time anyone walks in the door. Based on the feedback thus far, we think we’ve pulled it off. Come see for yourself.

Lastly, Made by Neversink (HTTPS://MADEBYNEVERSINK.COM) rebranded our logo, website, colours and font. Though we’re obviously biased, we can’t say enough about the fresh and inspiring work they’ve done to recreate Queen West’s look.